Our Products

  • Unified Communications AbleChat / SMS / MMS / EDM / VOICE
    Seamless IM to SMS Chat to achieve integrated and unified communications
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  • SMS Messaging & SMS Gateway
    Superior, high speed and reliable SMS service with gateway is available
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  • MMS Messaging & MMS Gateway
    Multimedia content message(MMS) is applicable in various industries and MMS gateway is available
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  • Network Topology (Authentication)
    Phone number verification/ Email verification/ 2FA/ OTP

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  • AI Communications - LiveChat & Chatbot
    Through AI and smart communication tools, communication efficiency is significantly improved
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  • Customer Relationship Management
    Take care of the real needs of customers at each stage with comprehensive CRM
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  • Integrated Voice/ IVR/ Video Conferencing Solutions
    Extensible video/ voice solutions and voice API to fulfill different business needs
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  • LBS (Location Based) Promotion
    Customers can select user's location, name, age as target criteria with our location based messaging services

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