Integrated Voice/IVR/Video Conferencing Solutions

Integrated Voice/IVR/Video Conferencing Solutions

Extendible Voice Solutions

Voice Services Features (Cloud option available)

Manage inbound and outbound call:
• Inbound Call Management

• Inbound/Outbound Call Flow, Routing and Agent Grouping
    Flexible control for inbound and outbound call

• Voice Mail
   Access voice message from any phone device, AbleChat and Email

• Follow Me
  Pickup phone call in your mobile phone or AbleChat when you are out of office

• Call Center Auto Dialer

Manage calling lists in a centralized database
Do-Not-Call database
Calling list assigning rules control
Multiple campaigns
Call outcome and detail report
Performance reporting

• Voice/Video Conference
  Virtual conferencing over IP Phone, Mobile Phone, AbleChat, PC and Mac

• Call Logging / Voice Recording
  Tracking call logs, voice records in Web Management Portal

Integrated with your application:
• Voice Call API:

• Click-to-Call API:

• Verification API:

Dynamic reduction of operation cost
Improve productivity with call automated
Improve customer service
Saving in overhead costs