Bulk Messaging plus Digital Experience  (Omni-Channel Marketing)

Our one-stop unified communications solution offers a wide variety of CRM categories and omni-channel marketing systems to meet your needs, which allows you to collaborate and make decisions in real time, resolve mission-critical tasks, control costs, accelerate time-to-market and improve customer satisfaction regardless of what time it is or where they happen to be.

  ► Professional consultation
- Suggest the most suitable communication management solution for the company
- Rich experience to provide professional consulting services for different industries
- Flexible plan to incorporate different design with omni-channel marketing for customers
  ► Solutions with AI (Articifical Intelligence) and automation
- One-stop unified communications platform
- Provide solutions for different business needs
- Incorporate automated intelligent communications and automated marketing services with Artificial Intelligence
  ► Services
- Self-service online portal
- Able to handle text messages sent to Hong Kong (+852), Mainland China (+86) and other countries in the world
- Leverage the use with eDM
- Can be used for promotions and customer relationship management
- Integrate with social media (e.g. Facebook) for promotional use
- More personalize and smarter with customized targeting
- Easy to track and monitor performance