Business Insight Solutions

Business Insight Solutions

1. Retail Shops
We are one-stop solution provider from our Able Sales Ecosystem (POS, CRM, ERP, Digital Marketing, Big Data Analysis, AI, IOT, Online shops, Payment gateway and Logistics) with integrated into our Able Chat Unified communications system. 

• Providing excellent cross-borders communications (Push IM, SIP call for Fixed, Skype & WeChat) and cross-platform integration (API) capability to cater the various customers’ needs (eg. Workflow Management) by aligned to ISO27001 Information Security Management System standard

• Providing carrier grade infrastructure solution – stable, reliable, secured unified communications and collaboration services

• Our software user interface is written in 91 languages bundle with CRM and integrated IOT system (eg. RFID) for automatically eMarketing campaigns (eForm and Referral Program) via our Unified Messaging gateway connect to leading social media gateways.

• We can provide business intelligence and big data analytics tools for building business strategy and measure the marketing channel effectiveness according to the responsive on each targeted marketing segment.

• Having connected to our payment gateway, customers can easily settle the online payment with our secured 128 / 256 bit encryption of VISA, Master, AE, Paypal, Alipay, WeChat Pay and Octopus.

• Our New Age of Shopping Experience by integrated the latest technology of AI, Facial Recognition, CRM, IOT (RFID)

2. Digital Marketing with Big Data Analysis
Having our unique competitive advantage by using the China’s customers database provided by leading Bank and Telecom Operator, we can implement the data mining process to extract the accuracy segmented target customers for improve the successful rate and effectiveness of our digital marketing by using our CRM, Big Data Analysis and Unified Communications System tools
Sales Segmentation 
• Basic Information (Age Group, Gender, Marital Status, Income, Education, Occupation, Living Area, Interesting)
• Personal Property (Car, Investment, Loan, Insurance, Real Property)
• Spending History (Local, Overseas, Categories, Amount, APRU, No of spending)  
• Browsing History (Broadband, Mobile, URL Type, Application type, Timing, Mobility)

Districts Segmentation

• People (Locations, Spending, Income)
• Cars (Locations, Spending, 
• Shopping Mall (Category, Income, People Counting)