Unified Communications AbleChat/SMS/MMS/EDM/VOICE

Unified Communications IM (AbleChat)/SMS/MMS/EDM/VOICE
The globalization of the economy requires enterprise to develop a new approach for employees to work with coworkers, partners and customers. They need to able to collaborate and make decisions in real time, resolve mission critical tasks, cost controlling, accelerating time-to-market and improve customer services satisfaction regardless of what time it is or where they happen to be.

Our one-stop unified communications solution (SMS, MMS, Voice, Video, IM) running on premise, cloud and hybrid will be needed for achieving those needs and avoid traditional communications barriers on instant interactive responds for a group of people, security, cost and reliability. We do provide excellent cross-borders instant communications (email, Push IM, SIP call for fixed, Skype and WeChat) with cross platforms integration API with our middleware unified communications platform in which will be the ultimately effective solution for your business needs and growth.

Our carrier grade messaging gateway hub is fully complied with ISO27001 Information Security Management System requirements on the framework of policies and procedures that include all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organization's information risk managements process. Providing global coverage for more than 200 countries and interconnected with 800 operators.

AbleChat - Instant Messaging Gateway
Main Features:

Send single / bulk message to AbleChat users
Send Smart Routing Message - auto select the delivery channel for each recipient (SMS / IM)
Receive messages
Send interactive message with buttons below your text content and get back the response from users
Send Voices / Pictures / Video / Documents
Track message delivery status
Track user status, location information
Account management (Check user list / reset password / kick-off / add new user)
Manage Chat Groups (Check Groups List / Create Group Chat / Add or Kick-off users from a group)
Channels management (Create new newsfeed catalog or sub-catalog / Edit existing catalogs / Newsfeed posting, edit and delete)

Multimedia Messaging Service

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard way to send messages that include multimedia content to and from mobile phones over a cellular network. Particularly, it's more popular among fashion, cosmetics and food & beverage segment. Wanna attract your customers with your company signature or iconic picture, why not try it out now.

Electronic Direct Marketing

Staying touch with your customers by emails with birthday greeting, festive promotions, service reminder to reach new customer segment and/or keep warm with them to build loyalty. It's low cost but effective at self-serve. Upon delivery, live performance tracking report will be ready and it can insert Q&A and eBook function.

Our Benefits :

•       Carrier Grade Active-Active Design (Network and Database)
                - Well proven solution for no services down time in 8 years (except general system maintenance)
                - Support concurrent users 6,000+ with 2,000+ chat group daily (Single customer)
                - Support up to 10,000 concurrent users (Cloud Based, On-Premises and Hybrid)

•       Tailor Made Functions and Features
                - Able to provide PUSH notification message into China (IOS and Android handsets)
                - Support SIP call for App-App and App-Phone (Mobile & Fixed) into China
                - Work Flow Management System
                - Dashboard Reporting
                - Machine learning Artificial Intelligence Live Chat (Online Robot)
                - White label User Interface
                - Support cross platforms API connection
                - Integration of LDAP, RADIUS and AD (Create Hierarchy)

•       3rd Party Messaging Gateway Integration
                - Auto message routing to Email, SMS, SIP (Voice) and XMPP gateway
                - Auto push message to WeChat and Skype

•       Security
                - End-to-end encryption : TLS for client and server,  AES for handset storage
                - Notification will send to management while users take screenshot
                - Messaging Log and Tracking
                - Virus, malware and ransomware protection

                - 2-Step Verification : Support credential and OTP, Third party token server integration  (RSA)

Features and Benefits 

Live Bulk Messaging

Send bulk instant messages or SMS from web to app or app to app: one to one, one to many or many to one.
High Security

All messages are secured by AES 256 encryption and sent over HTTPS(TLS/SSL).
Protect Message Privacy

You can remote to delete highly confidential messages, secured with password or setup with valid expiry time (5min to 12hrs) & auto delete time (5s to 25s) after read.

Multi Devices

AbleChat supports desktop, notebook, iPad, iOS and Android, you can use web browser or mobile app to send or receive messages.
White Label UI

Customized user interface including logo, app icon and colour of web platform and mobile app to outstanding your corporate image.
Free Messaging & File Transfer

Total messaging solution allow you to send free text/image/voice/PDF to other AbleChat users or text SMS to off-line AbleChat users.。

Documents Share & App Channels

Web folders can be created in multiple levels and auto sync text/image/voice/PDF from web folders to app channels.。
Auto Delivery Routing

Smart and reliable delivery. You can choose to send free messages to other AbleChat users or automatically route to send SMS to off-line AbleChat users.
Centralize Management

In web portal, you can manage user by group or add or disable app users anytime, aided with message delivery records.

User Right Control

3 Level Control
Remote lock app
Single login on single device
Phonebook access can be set per user
User Usage Report

Instant usage report in web portal that show statistics of active and inactive app users, detail records of individual's message history and usage of instant messages/SMS can be provided.
Fast & Stable

AbleChat is a native mobile app with fast respond, all app messages are transmitted by the nearest servers.

Auto Contact Sync

Contact lists and group created in web will auto sync from web to app in few minutes.
Flexible User Grouping

No upper limit to create app user group and group of contact list.

Plug & Play Integration

AbleChat can be integrated to your company internal system as a message hub or documents viewer to improve communication efficiency

Tailor-Made Function

Extended feature such as news feed or in-app web browser will be tailored at your own request.
Voice Call App To App

Make voice calls from App to App via any type of Internet connection without mobile plan. It's FREE!
Voice Call App To Phone

Simply making call from app to mobile or landlines and stay connected. Voice call has never been easier!

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